Life Theory Collective

the art of living and storytelling.

The Girl: 

I am a California girl, living in Germany with my husband and 2 ridiculously adorable little boys. Our days are spent exploring, laughing, and creating unforgettable moments. I am still learning how to navigate my way through the country and culture here, but I am loving all of the experiences and adventures that Germany has to offer. I strive to capture our everyday life through photos so that we are able to look back and remember these fleeting moments.

I am a lover of art, design and of all things creative. An admirer of words, books, and music. And a collector of vintage and antique treasures.

 I am also a part of Life Theory Collective, a collaborative blog that celebrates life’s stories, culture, creativity and hilarity.

The Photography:

I have had an interest in photography for as long as I can remember and am pulled more and more into its grip daily. I love that it pushes me to slow down, observe, and feel that very moment... and my subjects and I get to "relive" those moments later through my photographs.

I love looking through my photos after a day of shooting, and being able to still hear the laughter, to feel the love and to see the connections.

I shoot with a simple approach, preferring to capture moments as they come naturally, holding on to the true sentiment of the day, and keeping things as authentic as possible to everyday life. I love capturing real emotion and the real memories as they unfold. 

The Vision:

Our lives are filled with so many treasured moments, many that we wish we could hold onto and remember every detail forever. Whether it is the birth of a new baby, the favorite Saturday morning walk in the park or the time spent cooking dinner as a family, these moments are cherished. Photography is a way to hold onto these important times, to record the memories however big or small they may seem. My hope is that I am able to document the love, connection and details that tell the day's story, and that generations from now, my photographs can be enjoyed for the stories they tell.

Some Random Funny Things About me (let's get personal, shall we?):

These things make my heart sing...                                                                                                                

my kids + my husband + my husband's accent + making lists + cheese + reading in the bath + going to flea markets + confetti + peanut m&m's + talking on the phone to my mom + dancing + karaoke + planning (anything really... parties, vacations, decorating projects. All of it!) + ice + ellipsis + adding things to my online shopping cart but then never checking out (it's like window shopping in bed)