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Welcome to the Collective!

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Holy Smokes!! We're up and running! 

Life Theory Collective (from here on out referred to as LTC) started out as a tiny idea, and as time went on, as ideas bounced off of each other, as children and husbands were put on mute (hahaha, if only it were so easy), and as our excitement grew, LTC became something more than just an idea; LTC became our baby. Yeah, sure, we already have baby babies... But this is similar in the sense that it took a lot of our time, love and nourishment so that it could grow and become more than just an idea. 

We have a lot of great blog posts lined up to share with you! All things from family life, expat experiences, highlights on different cultures, recipes, photography posts and tips, craft tutorials, home decor tips and hacks, and even more! We care about our communities and the people around us. We are living this crazy adventure and want to share some of it with you!

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So, today we present you with...  

The coolest blog evahhhh!!! 

xoxo, elyse & ash