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Ich liebe Dresden

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ich liebe dresden

Almost a year and a half ago my family and I moved to this brand new city in a brand new country. Being an Auslander (foreigner) in a new country is always a difficult experience. Thankfully, living in one of the most gorgeous places in the whole world has made that transition a bit easier :-)

Take a look into some of our favorite glimpses of this city!

Dresdan old city altstadt germany

Altstadt (Old City), in downtown Dresden, is the most breathtaking city center I have ever seen. And the crown jewel of Altstadt is of course the Frauenkirche (Church of Our Lady). The photo above shows the dome of this beautiful church.

schillerplatz dresden
The Blue Wonder Bridge Dresden

Further down the Elbe (the river that runs through the middle of Dresden) is the gorgeous Schillerplatz and the favorite bridge of the Dresden people, the Blaues Wunder (Blue Wonder).

Dresden Elbe Germany
Dresden  neustadt

On the north side of the Elbe river, just looking over onto Altstadt, is Dresden's Neustadt (New City). Neustadt is full on bohemian, full of cultur, life, color and charm.

Dresden Germany neustadt BRN

And last but not least, we have the Großer Garten, which happens to be right near our apartment! It's a large city park which is actually about half the size of New York City's Central Park. We spend a lot of time there with friends, just us with our dog, for photo shoots, runs. There is this gorgeous little palace in the very center of the park (pictured below), which I love to just sit down and watch. I like to imagine it as something like Downton Abbey at some point in its history :-)

Dresden Germany Großer Garten

Thank you for taking some time to see into little pieces of our world here in Dresden. I hope to post more about out beautiful city more and more. We will also get a chance to see into Ash's world as she posts about her home in Jena! Until then, start planning your trip to Dresden!

If you have favorite places in this city that you would like to share with us, please let us know in the comments! We are always excited about discovering new wonderful places!

XO, Elyse