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Oma's German Pancakes

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German Pancakes

Since I was a little girl, one of my very favorite foods has been German Pancakes. I will never forget sitting around my Oma's kitchen table with my cousins and eating one pancake after another after another until I was so full I thought I would pop! And my Oma would be right there offering more.

 Now that I live in Germany, I have learned that there are a ton of different ways to make German pancakes and depending on the region, they are called different things. Eierkuchen or Pfannenkuchen are the 2 most common names I have heard.

German Pancakes are a bit thicker than crepes and are usually served with sweet fillings and toppings but, occasionally we eat them with something more savory. My Favorite way to eat them is with bit of butter and jam and then rolled up and drizzled with maple syrup. They are also delicious with Nutella or cinnamon and sugar in the middle. Or my husband's favorite way, with applesauce and sprinkled with sugar. 

Of the various German pancake recipes I have tried, I still love my Oma's recipe the best. These are super easy to make, they just require a bit of time standing in front of the stove. But they are totally worth it! 

So, gather all of your ingredients.


Crack your eggs into your mixing bowl

Get to Crackin

Now mix 'em up a bit


Add your milk


Now your flour


Your sugar


Your vanilla extract 


your couple shakes of salt


And now that you have all of your ingredients in the bowl, get your mixer ready. You can use any mixer or a whisk will work fine too! 

All In

And mix until the consistency is pretty smooth but has small lumps

Mix it

Turn on your stove top to medium-high and add some nonstick stuff to the pan and let that melt a bit. 


I prefer this squeezable butter, but any non-stick stuff will do, such as veggie oil, butter, cooking spray, etc.  (Ignore my old, scratched up and thoroughly used pan. I am hoping to buy new ones eventually! And take it from me, don't buy white pans because they are hard to clean... Unless maybe I am missing out on some secret way to keep them looking forever young?)


Using your measuring cup (I use the 1/2 cup I think but it depends on how large your pan is and how thick or thin you want your pancakes) scoop some batter into the pan and let it cook a couple of minutes until you see the sides starting to just barely cook up like so:


Run your spatula around the rim of your pancake to loosen it from the pan


And get ready for the flip, letting the liquidy top layer drip back into the middle of the pan


And complete the flip!  Let that cook for a couple of minutes, you may see the edges of the pancake start to curl up, which means it's almost done! 


And then put them on a plate, stacking them as they are finished. You can keep them warm in the oven at low heat or do like I do (because I am too lazy for the fancy stuff) and once I am finished making all of the pancakes, I throw the whole plate into the microwave for 40-60 seconds right before serving. 


Eat them however you'd like... Chopped up into toddler sized pieces and drizzled with syrup, rolled with your favorite filling, or just open with applesauce poured over. 


Whip some of these up and let us know what you think! 

x, Ash