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Jar Salad Love

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Jar salad

We want to share with you one of our busy mama life hacks! Do you ever feel like eating healthy is way too much work for your go go go self? We feel like that all the time! We want to introduce you to the idea of jar salads. Maybe you have heard of them before but have never tried making them. If that's the case, we want to help you out by giving you a little tutorial on how to put your beautiful jar salad together!

Jar Salad

One of the main reasons that we love jar salads is that it's an easy way to make sure you have something healthy and quick to just grab out of the fridge when you're hungry. It takes about a half hour to make up a weeks worth of salads, but once you're done you don't have to worry about making lunch for yourself for an entire week!

Jar Salad

The key to a successful jar salad is the layering. Wet on bottom, dry on top! Keeping the dressing separated from the lettuce keeps everything from getting soggy and the lettuce stays fresh and so crisp! So once you have all of your jars picks out, get started with the dressing. I make all of my own salad dressings and usually just stick with a simple vinaigrette, but sometimes I like to put different dressings in the jars so that each day has a bit of a different flavor. So pick out whatever dressings you want and put about 2 tablespoons of it into each jar. After you have put dressing in each jar, it's time to put in the veggies. You can put anything you want in your jar, actually! Veggies, fruits, quinoa, noodles, beans, whatever you love to eat in your salads! After you have included your veggies (and/or whatever else you wanted to throw in there) it's time to put the lettuce in on top of everything else. You can use any kind of greens you like! In my jars I put a mix of romaine lettuce and arugula, but you can use spinach, kale, iceberg...whatever you want!

Jar Salad
Jar Salad

After you have made up all of your jar salads, place them in the fridge so that they're ready to just grab and go! Yesterday we went for a family hike and packed a couple of the jar salads for our picnic lunch! I just love knowing that there is always a quick and healthy meal option all ready for me at all times. Convenience is everything for us ladies on the go, or when you are too busy making up lunches for the little ones to spend time making something healthy and delicious for yourself. You deserve healthy and delicious!

Once you are ready to dive into your jar salad, just take one out of the fridge, shake it up a bit and pour it into a bowl or on a plate! you can even eat it straight of of the jar if you like. I love to put a dollop of hummus with a sprinkle of chia seeds and a bit of sriracha sauce on my salads. Delish!.

jar salad

Do you like making jar salads? If you already have an awesome jar salad recipe, let us know! If you have never tried one before, have fun making your first ones! We want to hear about it!

Happy Friday! Enjoy the glorious weekend and make some jar salads!

XO, elyse