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Families Far & Wide: With Caterina and Family

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families far and wide

I want to introduce you all to one of my dearest friends, Caterina. I am so thankful that she decided to participate in our Families Far & Wide project! She has a gorgeous little (but growing) family and a son who is just 2 days younger than my son! I'm so excited for you to get to know her and her family here in our very first Families Far & Wide post!

I asked Caterina some questions about their family and how they experience life around them. I want this project to shed some light on how different families from all around the world live, what makes them happy, and how they spend their time. Hopefully all of this to show how families of all cultural backgrounds and experiences can find some common ground, but also be able to celebrate the beauty of our differences! Enjoy getting to know Caterina and her family!

playtime at a playground in Neustadt

playtime at a playground in Neustadt

"Who makes up your family and where are you living?"

Our family is made up of Greg (my hubby), Thomas (my 2 year old boy), Baby-in-tummy (my soon to be second child), and I suppose our hideously annoying cat!! We live in Dresden, Neustadt, specifically.  We live on a super kid friendly block with awesome neighbours and our own sandpit. Right now we wouldn't wish to live anywhere else and Tomas is a very happy boy with so many friends!

"Where are you from?"

I am from Italy and my husband is from the UK. We met when I studied in Cardiff University. I was the cheerful girl who liked to dance, and he was the drunken friend who had a smile for everyone but needed to be dragged home at the end of the night!

Walking down Hauptstraße in Dresden (with a not yet obviously pregnant Mommy!)

Walking down Hauptstraße in Dresden (with a not yet obviously pregnant Mommy!)

"What brought you to where you are now living?"

We moved to Dresden for Greg's work. I once told him that i would follow him anywhere. It seems he took my word for it, and now 4 houses, 3 countries, 2 kids and a cat later we are settled (at least for now). I have always wished to be happy (which I wasn't when I was little) and now that I have my family, I truly am. It'd be nice to have a job too, but somehow my career in all these changes hasn't really taken off...Ah well...

"What is your favorite family tradition?"

That's a tough one. Ours are still evolving what with such a small toddler and, so far, not much "routine." However, probably one of the best traditions is going for walks early Sunday morning with our son, when most of the city still seems asleep, and grubbing croissants on the go while Tomo runs free on his Laufrad (balance bike)!

"What do you love most about where you live now?"

We love Dresden for its child friendliness, space, security, the river, the water, the history.

Smartened up for a family wedding!

Smartened up for a family wedding!

"What do you miss most about where you are from?" 

About Italy I miss the sea, the heat, the food, the "feeling" of knowing something inside out. But the more roots we grow, the more I feel it here too.
Greg misses the rugby, the circuit class, the water skiing weekends with his old friends! The camping trips!

"What are the things that make your family the happiest?"

Our son's laughter. When we all play together rolling on the bed and tickling each other (so cliche but so true). Independently, Greg loves the sea (although me too) and water sports. I love cooking and the feeling of satisfaction when I can produce smashing recipes.

Tomas, if he could answer independently would probably say, "Trains!"

"What are your favorite foods?"

That is a looooong list, but really for me nothing beats fresh seafood. As for Greg, "def steak!"

Impromptu hair drying at Elbemare.

Impromptu hair drying at Elbemare.

"What does a typical Saturday afternoon look like for your family?"

A bike ride along the Elbe river if the weather is good. Alternatively, we also like to go to the Elbemare for some family splash fun.

"What else would you like to share with our readers?"

I discover a deeper love and the meaning of being thankful and counting myself lucky for what I have. I don't take anything for granted as I know each of us have different burdens to bear.
All in all, as a family we are relaxed and happy when we are together, and want to make the most of our future!

Out for a walk in the Großer Garten.

Out for a walk in the Großer Garten.

Thank you so much, Caterina for sharing a piece of your story with us!

XO, Elyse along with Caterina, Greg and Tomas!