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Stamped Fabric

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hand stamped fabric

Hello everyone! Today I want to share with you a quick post about hand stamping onto fabric! I have been attending a lot of Blessingways lately and so many of my friends have been having babies, so I have been creatively trying to give handmade and inexpensive gifts to all of my friends! And you don't have to stick to one item that you stamp, you can stamp most any kind of fabric; dish towels, clothing, canvas bags, pillow cushions, blankets... anything you want, really :-) Here to show you a simple tutorial on hand stamped fabric, I'll showcase some baby swaddling blankets that I made for my dear friend Caterina, who is expecting her baby to be born very soon!

hand stamping fabric

There are many different ways to stamp fabric at home. My two favorite ways are using fruits to get fun and natural patterns, and carving shapes into potatoes to be able to experiment with different shapes. You can get creative and do any kind of fruit or potato stamp you want! To carve into the potato, I just cut the potato in half so that there's a nice part for me to hold onto when stamping, and then use a paring knife to cut a shape into the potato. You can also experiment with negative space when cutting your shape into the potato. 

stamping onto fabric

Next, you will want to prepare your fabric for stamping and choose the colors of fabric paint that you will be using. I get my fabric paint from my local hobby and craft store. I'm sure any brand will work fine as long as it is advertised as fabric paint that will not wash off once it's set. Here you can see my black and red paint for my two cotton swaddle blankets. Stamping onto white or light colored fabric will make it easier to see the paint, but you can also get creative with your fabric colors. Make sure you lay something down under your fabric so that it doesn't bleed through onto your work surface or other layers of fabric behind it. 

hand stamping fabric

I like to pour a bit of fabric paint onto a plate and then use a paint brush to cover my stamp with paint evenly. You can also just lay the stamp into the paint to cover it that way, but I find that method to cause the paint o be too clumpy and uneven. Once your stamp is evenly (and fairly thickly) covered in fabric paint, firmly place your stamp onto your fabric. Press down to make sure all the edges as well as the middle get stamped onto the fabric. Less pressure will result in less paint being transferred to the fabric. Now you can either lift up your stamp and reapply more paint, or your can use the rest of the paint left over for another stamp. This technique will result in very uneven stamps, some much lighter than others, but that is a look that I am sometimes intentionally trying to achieve! It's all up to you! 

fruit stamped fabric
potato stamp

Make sure you follow the instructions that come on your bottle of fabric paint to make sure you set the paint correctly! Usually you have to let the paint totally dry on the fabric, set with heat, then wash once to make sure it's all ready and safe for use! Have so much fun creating your own hand stamped fabrics! If you make something you love, be sure to tell us! 

XO, Elyse