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Summertime and the living is easy...

Elyse DillonComment

It's summertime here in Germany and that means we have been busy eating ice cream, hanging out at garden houses, picking cherries off the tree, complaining about the freezing cold and rain one day, but then dying of heat the next. Yay for German weather!... 

Sorry if blogging has been a bit slow, but that's what summer is all about isn't it? Taking a step back and slowing down a bit with the people you care about. It's about grill parties, picking fresh mint from the garden, playing in bowls of water on the balcony with your sweaty toddler, and enjoying the sun (when we have it). 

Both Ash and I have some plans of traveling this summer and I'm sure we'll return with some new photos to share with all of you :-)

What are your plans for this summer?!

XO, Elyse