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Some Big News + a Photography Tutorial

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Jena Fotografen

Hi there, our dear Life Theory Collective followers.  

We know we have been oh so quiet here on the blog lately but, it's been with good reason. Summer was really good to us! We've been busy traveling, organizing projects for the refugees that have made their way to Germany in recent months (we will have a blog post about that soon!), photographing our hearts out (weddings, vacations, babies... you name it, we shot it!) and one of the very best things to happen this summer: We found out that Elyse and Ryan are expecting a second baby! Oh yeahhh!!!! 

With all of the craziness that is life, we decided that summer was a good time to take a small blogging break, focus on our families, our business and creative plans for 2016 and really just to take time and enjoy the long summer days without sitting in front of a warm computer in our un-air-conditioned flats.  

Jena fotografen
Jena Fotografen

But, we are slowly starting to get back into the groove and thought we would kick things off with another quick photography tutorial. 

Jena Photographer

Let's talk perspective. I know I have touched briefly on this subject before but I thought it would be interesting to show you some varying points of perspective from the same object, and how changing your position can make the subject seem bigger, smaller, tilted, etc.   Perspective can change simply by changing your position to the object. Moving closer, moving further away, moving above, below, to the right, to the left, having things in the foreground or background. All of these things will change the overall look of the image.

Jena Photographer Ferris Wheel

In addition to perspective, some simple composition techniques can create a lot of interest in a photo. I used some differing composition techniques below such as filling the frame, isolating my subject, simplifying the scene, leading lines, and diagonals. 

Ferris Wheel

Here you see a series of photos from the same subject, a ferris wheel that I photographed while vacationing on the Baltic Sea this summer. I made my way around the ferris wheel, moving closer, further away, standing under, beside, etc.  Do you see how a change in perspective can really change the overall feel of an image? 

Jena Photographer

Now it's your turn to give it a try!

Jena Fotografen

Find something to photograph, a person, a building, a toy car, whatever... And make your way around your subject. Get high, get low, move forward, back, etc. Watch how the size changes, the verticals and horizontals change, and that certain perspectives lend more interest than others. This certainly takes some practice but eventually you will see just how a different perspective can take your photograph to the next level! 

xo, Ash