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What's in Store for 2016? (hint: more laughter)

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Every year it seems like time flies by faster and faster. And every New Year's Eve since I have lived here, I am still astonished at the amount of fireworks Germans light off to ring in the New Year! Haha! It is truly like nothing you've seen before, especially since they are being lit right in front of your house door. (I am also always shocked not to hear more ambulances and firetrucks blaring by all night because drinking and fireworks does not seem like the best mix... But, somehow things seem to stay relatively safe.)

If there is one thing Germans know how to do, it's how to celebrate! And I can honestly say, I have enjoyed every New Year's I've been here... Even the year I was stuck in bed with the stomach flu I remember thinking, "Hey, at least I get to have a front row seat to a firework show simply by laying in bed and pulling back my curtains".

 So, here we are 2016! This year is going to be really big for Elyse and me. 

For starters, sometime around March, Elyse will be having her second baby! 

And I will be officially launching my business within the next couple of weeks (just waiting on last minute paperwork/legal stuff to get finished up), Eeek!

And we are hoping to be able to blog a bit more, to talk about some real stuff, and to really give a better glimpse into what overseas life is like for expat families. (Such as getting used to the idea that many Germans allow their kids to pee wherever if there is not a bathroom close by... because when you gotta go, you gotta go...)

This is my kid, by the way. And my Mother-in-Law standing guard! 

This is my kid, by the way. And my Mother-in-Law standing guard! 

We have done a lot of talking about what we want Life Theory Collective to be in 2016. We really want to make sure we stay authentic to who we are as people, to write with our true personalities, from the heart and to give a more honest perspective to what things can be like.  (The good, the fabulous, the bad, the annoying, the times we call each other and say "I want to go home"...  or the other times we call each other and say "Thank goodness we are here and not in America right now" and everything in between.) The truth is, we have some of the funniest and most honest conversations ever, and we always say "We should blog about that" but, then we never do. Usually because we are worried about what people may think or how they might react. Or that it is too boring. Or that we might mess up the perception that life in a foreign country is always super grand (which it often is great but, running out of diapers on a Sunday and having all of the stores closed in the city can be realllllyyyy annoying).  And other times it is because we are just busy with family stuff.

But, we know that we can give our readers the most out of this blog by being true to who we are. A couple of funny,  messy, creative, sometimes emotional expats still trying to figure things out. 

So with that, we will still have photography tutorials. And we will still have recipes and DIYs. And also some posts about our travels and other expats that we may meet along the way. But we are also going to have some personal stuff on here too. 

We wish you all good health, love, happiness and the best for 2016!

X, Ash